The Key to a Better Life

Housing for the poor

Combining faith with commerce is complex and often criticised. Many Christians think that following the teachings of Christ means living in a “non-commercial” way. However, the use of profit from the commercial activity for charitable or worthwhile pursuits is a valid justification. The commerce in itself helps create jobs and security for families of all types. The pursuit of profit simply as an end rather than means may be less useful.

Housing Shortage

Currently, there is a significant housing shortage in the UK. This housing shortage has a variety of adverse impacts, primarily on less well off members of the community. High rents for good accommodation, growth of slum-like rental property, i.e. more reasonable rents but deplorable facilities, damp etc. This has also impacted the number of homeless people living either on the streets or in hostels.

Project St. Stephen’s Housing Complex

Some businessmen in the community are developing projects that merge commerce with good works. One such project in Newcastle is building accommodation to help the homeless. The project is aimed at providing high-quality flats for people who have fallen through the cracks. People suffering from addiction or mental illness make up the bulk of the homeless; these are the people the project is aimed at. Housing in a supportive and safe environment the project aims to give residents the assistance they need. Gradually the plan is this stepping stone will generate jobs and help people on their way.

How was it funded

The project started as a simple idea five years ago. Funding was sourced through the internet provider Building work was undertaken by local volunteers supervised and coordinated by professional in their free time. This shows how the Christian community can pull together to help the more unfortunate members of the community.

The St. Stephen’s Housing project should be named and opened in September 2021.