The Key to a Better Life

Housing for the poor

Combining faith with commerce is complex and often criticised. Many Christians think that following the teachings of Christ means living in a “non-commercial” way. However, the use of profit from the commercial activity for charitable or worthwhile pursuits is a valid justification. The commerce in itself helps create jobs and security for families of all […]

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The Scottish System

Mr Harold Storey has very kindly sent me this book plate of Lord Courtauld-Thompson. He says that the 1st and 4th quarterings are for Thomson. His father, surname Thomson was from Edinburgh and he assumes that the arms were granted in London since they don’t follow the Scottish pattern where everybody of the same surname […]

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Coats of Arms

The above Arms were used by my Great Grandfather, Thomas Roe Thompson, J.P. Born at 10 Dundas Street, Monkwearmouth in 1846, he moved with his parents in 1858 to South Wales where he went into business with his father Matthew Thompson. I am not sure of the origins of the above Arms but they are […]

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